J. G. Sparwenfeld’s Diary of a Journey to Russia 1684–87

Författare: Birgegård, Ulla (ed.)

ISBN: 91-7402-324-1

ISSN: 1102-2418

Antal sidor: 378

Utgivningsår: 2002

Serie: Slavica Suecana, Series A – Publications A: 01


The present work is an edition of the Russian travel diary of Johan Gabriel Sparwenfeld (1655–1727), the compiler to be of a large Slavonic-Latin dictionary, Lexicon Slavonicum,which was published only recently. Sparwenfeld’s interest in the Russian language and Russian culture began with his journey to Russia in the 1680s. He went there as a member of an embassy, but stayed in Moscow for another two and a half years to study the Russian language and Russian affairs. The diary is written mainly in Swedish and French.

The edition contains, in addition to Sparwenfeld’s original text, a translation into English, an extensive commentary, appendices, indexes, a few of Sparwenfeld’s own drawings etc. Apart from a fairly detailed account of the journey itself, the diary provides an eye-witness report from Moscow during a very complicated period in Russian history. This period proved to be the final years of the old Russia, before Peter took power into his hands and a new era began.