The Pre-Lomonosov Period of the Russian Literary Language (Dolomonosovskij period russkogo literaturnogo jazyka) 

Författare: Sjöberg, A., Durovic, L. & Birgegård, U. (eds)

ISBN: 91-7402-213-X

ISSN: 1102-2426

Antal sidor: 359

Utgivningsår: 1992

Serie: Slavica Suecana, Series B – Studies B: 01


 Materialy konferencii na Fagerudde, 20-25 maja 1989 g.

The present volume contains papers and discussions devoted to the formation of the Russian literary language from the last decades of the 17th to the middle of the 18th century.

The book is published in Russian. (Preface in English.)