Swedish-Polish Modernism. Literature – Language – Culture 

Författare: Packalén, Malgorzara Anna & Gustavsson, Sven (eds)

ISBN: 91-7402-333-0

ISSN: 0348-1433

Antal sidor: 258

Utgivningsår: 2003

Serie: KVHAA Konferenser 56


Conference held in Cracow, Poland, April 20–21, 2001

Modernism still constitutes an interesting but at the same time somewhat unclear and problematic phenomenon for Swedish and Polish reserachers. Both in Swedish and Polish literature there is an ongoing discussion about not only the origin, features and different periods of modernism, but also its actual existence and effect on the cultures and literatures of both countries.

The articles published in this volume were presented at a joint Swedish-Polish conference that took place in Cracow, Poland, April 20–21, 2001.

With contributions from: Bengt Landgren, Peter Luthersson, Wlodzimierz Bolecki, Ryszard Nycz, Lars Kleberg, Per Stam, Piotr Bukowski, Jan Balbierz, Mikael van Reis, Andrzej Zawadzki, Susanna Witt, Michal Pawel Markowski, Anna Nasilowska, Eugenia Prokop-Janiec, Jerzy Jarzebski, Knut Andreas Grimstad, Aleksander Fiut, Michal Legierski, Krzysztof Stala and Teresa Walas.