Popular Prints and Imagery. Proceedings of an International Conference in Lund 2000

Författare: Bringéus, Nils-Arvid & Nilsson, Sten Åke (eds)

ISBN: 91-7402-318-7

ISSN: 0348-1433

Antal sidor: 466

Utgivningsår: 2001

Serie: KVHAA Konferenser 53


The study of popular prints and imagery has seen increased development in Europe since the 1960s, especially in Germany and Scandinavia. A first attempt to bring together European scholars around the theme of massdistributed pictures was held by Société Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF) in Lund, Sweden in 1984. In October 2000 the sixth conference, focusing on Popular Prints and Imagery was organized. In this volume 22 ethnologists and art historians from 11 different countries publish their contributions.

The richly illustrated volume contains studies of pictures from the sixteenth century until today from Italy to Norway, from Holland to Russia. Some papers sketch the historical background, others give national examples of different kinds of production. Many others deal with motif studies and iconographical aspects. Together the papers, written in English and German, cover a broad field of research.