The Havor Hoard. The Gold – The Bronzes – The Fort

Författare: NYLÉN, Erik, LUND HANSEN, Ulla & MANNEKE, Peter

ISBN: 91-7402-345-4

ISSN: 0083-6761

Antal sidor: 160

Utgivningsår: 2005

Serie: Handlingar: Antikvariska serien 46


The Havor hoard, from the beginning of the first millennium AD, came to light in Gotland, Sweden, in an ancient ringfort in 1961. It consists of a gold neckring (torc) in a situla along with Roman wine-serving utensils, and a pair of bronze bells.

The neckring is treated in the first chapter, by ERIK NYLÉN. The bronze objects are described and discussed by ULLA LUND HANSEN, and in the third chapter PETER MANNEKE presents the hoard’s find context. The ringfort was excavated over a number of years, as were the surrounding house foundations etc.

In two shorter papers, by SVEN ISAKSSON and ANN-MARIE HANSSON, organic remains in the vessels and bells are analysed.