History of Footwear in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Prehistory to 1950

Författare: SWANN, JUNE

ISBN: 91-7402-323-3

Antal sidor: 357

Utgivningsår: 2001

Serie: Monografier, fristående


This lavishly illustrated book studies how shoe constructions, patterns and styles evolved in the three Scandinavian countries. Individual shoes and styles are analysed to show similarities with Europe, both east and west, and the differences of time, with the occasional creation of the unique, or rejection of popular European fashions.

It shows the patterns for Sami footwear, many unique, and those features of so-called folk dress which have evolved from fashion and those that are original to the region. It reflects the importance of the Age of Greatness in seventeenth-century Sweden and the region in earlier Viking times, as well as the transient power of important cities.

The bibliographies for the three countries and for Sami footwear are intended as a basis for others to build on.