Today the Academy confers three major prizes. The oldest is the Rettig Prize, awarded for the first time in 1956. It was part of the Rettigs’ large donation, and the prize is funded from the yield of the Rettig Cultural Foundation. It is to be awarded to a prominent researcher within the domain of the Academy, originally alternating between its two classes. In 2018 two prizewinners, one from each class, were awarded SEK 250,000 each.


In 1988 the honorary member of the Academy, Director Carl-Hakon Swenson and his wife Ann-Kersti, donated a major principal sum whose yield is to be used for, among other purposes, a major award, the Swenson Prize, with the same general orientation as the Rettig Prize. It has been conferred every other year since 1992 and amounted to SEK 600,000 in 2017.


The Academy’s largest prize, the Gad Rausing Prize, was instituted by the honorary member Gad Rausing’s three children, in memory of their father. It is to be awarded to a prominent Nordic research in a number of specified subject areas. In 2018 the winner received SEK 1 500,000.


Från årshögtiden 2009: H.M. Konungen delar ut Gad Rausings pris till professor Eva Österberg, Lund.
Foto: Mikael Röhr



Among its smaller though highly prestigious prizes, the Academy’s annual teaching prizes should receive first mention. The prizes are intended to reward outstanding achievement in compulsory and upper-secondary school teaching in modern languages and other subjects in the humanities and social sciences. Besides two to four prizes of SEK 50,000 each, the Academy awards SEK 20,000 to each of the prize-winners’ schools for library acquisitions. The prize-winners usually garner a great deal of media attention, at least those selected from outside the capital.




The Academy also selects four recently graduated Ph.Ds. to receive prizes of the same amount as the teaching prizes. Prize-worthy dissertations are nominated within the two classes, with two prizes awarded in each class. As with the other prizes, they are conferred at the Academy’s festive meeting on March 20, the date the Academy was established.


Since the early 1920s, this gathering has been held in the Great Hall at the House of the Nobility, in recent years often in the presence of the exalted patron of the Academy, His Majesty the King, and its first honorary members, Her Majesty the Queen and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria.



Foto: Mikael Röhr