Foto: Philip Håkanson



Just south of Askersund, beautifully situated on a point in the sound that connects Lake Alsen with Lake Vättern, stands Stjernsund Castle. It was built in a strict neo-classical style with uncommonly well-preserved furnishings from the 1850s, when the castle was owned by the royal Bernadotte family. In the Castle Café coffee or meals are served. The Castle Shop has a choice and to some extent unique selection available, such as copies of objects in the castle.

The history of the estate harks back to the 17
th century, when Johan Oxenstierna – hence the name Stjernsund – built a manor, completed in 1664. In 1785 the mill owner Olof Burenstam acquired the estate and initiated stately new construction. The new Stjernsund, with light and plain stucco facades and four magnificent columns at the entrance as its sole adornment, was finished in 1808. A park was also created in the English landscape style.

During the years 1823–1860 Stjernsund was owned by the Bernadotte family. Kung Karl XIV Johan used the castle as a regular stop-over for his trips to Norway. His grandson, Prince Gustaf, the “singing prince,” had the castle thoroughly renovated inside in 1848–1852. Today Stjernsund can boast one of the richest and best-documented interiors from the mid 19th century. After the death of Prince Gustaf, his brother Prince August took over the castle and had the billiards wing redone in a style that was modern at the time.

In 1860 the estate was purchased by the Cassel family, who developed a model farm there, known for its animal breeding and as the place of origin of Swedish red and white cattle (SRB in Swedish). The last private owner of the castle, Mrs. Augusta Cassel, died in 1951, bequeathing Stjernsund Castle with its furnishings and park to the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities. In 1965 Stjernsund Castle and its park were registered as a historic building under the Heritage Conservation Act. 



 Bilder från  Stjernsunds slott



Foto: Philip Håkanson